School Board

Pleasant Board Members

Name Position Phone Email Address
Pam Freshour President
Vicki Kimmel Vice President 614-565-8167
Gary Sims Member 740-225-0950
Annette Holler Member 740-360-0051
Bret Bowers Member
Jennifer Adams Superintendent
Jolene Carter Treasurer

Committee Members

Committee Chair Member
Policy Gary Sims Vicki Kimmel
Buildings & Grounds Vicki Kimmel Bret Bowers
Transportation Annette Holler Gary Sims
Finance Gary Sims Pam Freshour
Athletics Bret Bowers Annette Holler
Negotiations Annette Holler Vicki Kimmel
Curriculum (Academics) Pam Freshour Bret Bowers
Public/Community Relations Vicki Kimmel Annette Holler
Student Achievement Liaison Annette Holler Bret Bowers
Personnel Pam Freshour Gary Sims

Regular Meetings:

All board meetings are listed on the District Calendar.  Please click HERE to view the calendar.

Upon the request to the Superintendent, the District will make reasonable
accommodation for a disabled person to participate in this activity.